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  1. This device is sound almost the same with Nokia C7-00 which is not quite comfortable for heavy text-er. This E6-00 is totally what Im looking for, compared with any other phones in the same price market, E6 is totally a kicked ass product. Anyway, the built in browser is not pretty well, but with Opera Mobile I guess there is no problem with browsing experience. Beside its 680Mhz instead of 800Mhz but it is not mean that much with Symbian Anna OS. Really looking forward to buy this phone 😀

  2. oh god, ive just watched some punjuarb review this phone, dont know y i didnt just watch urs in the first place.

  3. @xxxgregaxxx i am also install syabian belle now not working nimbuz application .u know how to redownloud syambian anna ,pls shere me

  4. Can someone tell me if this phone is better then blackberry q10 or q5 or bold 9900 i just wanna know which one do you guys prefer ??

    1. NightPlaysMC – Gaming Is The Dark To The Fullest just bought this phone today

  5. I had this for a week, it was alright. But even when the E6 was new it couldnt compete with the mid-range offerings using Android, especially as there were many with slideout or bottom half keyboards.

  6. From 0:00 To 3:05 The Guy Just Scrolled Through The Fucking Screen!!!

  7. Nokia E6 Silver is a cool smart phone with many features @ RS 15,590 by shopbychoice(dot)com

  8. Hi everyone I would like to know quickly is I should have this or the Sony Ericsson Xperia play. Im going into high school next year so therefore will need a phone. I really like this one coz of the keyboard but Im not sure about the touch screen.

  9. Anyway if youre looking for a full touch screen smartphones, I guess there is no problem with texting if you use Swype Input.

  10. i have a question what should i buy nokia e6 ro blackberry curve 9360 or blackberry curve 9220 or blackberry curve 9320

  11. At 6:08 BAM! The Screen Is Small There It Is The Man Said IT! Nokia, No Offence But, Appropriately Speaking SUC* MY DIC*, I Mean Samsung Rocks.

  12. @ safwan997. u missed the points, other phones are overpriced bec. of its performance, durabilities, capabilities. a phones not just to make phones or text. Thats why they call it SMARTPHONES , NUMB NUTS. And you were not just talking about over prices, you also mentioned numerous times of how other phones are SHITs.. FYI: not just History of Blackberry and Apple, you got schooled also your SHITTY LIFE, and perhaps also your Future I mentioned… fuck face.

  13. by the way I want to ask whether anyone know the answer…the video HD recorder…is it together with image stabilizer like Nokia C7? If it yes that mean the camera is quite considerable for video recording, but not that great for image capturing due to its fixed focus camera.

  14. Symbian still works great as a zombie, do you think that the other internet based Os would do as good?

    1. That is S40 you are talking about. I said Symbian S60. the one you can multitask with.

    2. +realmoner the nokia 210, 220,225 symbian version was totally shite…slower than the older symbian versions

  15. Bad review. No word about the messaging system, access to and contact organization or call quality or, as this is a business phone, a word about the agenda. PhoneArena should rename itself to GadgetArena and stick itself to review small tablets with less then one day autonomy that receive calls and messages.

  16. ever sence i have had the nokia x6 i will never go to back to nokia again!

  17. Just search for screen snap in Nokia Store. I recommend Tap2Screen application 🙂

  18. @heydeli1 yes. there is a symbian search widget which is universal, so you can search everything on the phone and also google

  19. If you want a good operating system and good apps then get an Android…

    1. Thebestsecret, thats what Whatsapps website says, lets see if they extend a little further but I wouldnt count on it.

  20. Guys its not a gaming phone its a business phone so dont expect to much for gaming or any other app

    1. @V V e6 its modern with updates software and more powerful cpu

    2. I am thinking of buying an old feature phone with qwerty keyboard for email. Do you know if the email client still work on these with Gmail and Outlook? Which one between E6, E72, E71 would you recommend? Thanks!!

  21. @MrGatoDelCielo Yes, it can. The 0.3 megapixel front camera is capable of video recording (176 x 144 px at 15 frame/s) for video calling or just for recording

    1. I am thinking of buying an old feature phone with qwerty keyboard for email. Do you know if the email client still work on these with Gmail and Outlook? Which one between E6, E72, E71 would you recommend? Thanks!!

  22. do you recommand upgrade to belle? i have heard people having problem when using belle

  23. Is that Belly Soft suggested to E6 or recommended. Will be there any difference in Default program?


  25. Whoever said apps are useless is better off with a TELEPHONE. Not a CELLPHONE.


  27. @360trianglex2Qs no,. it does not feel like plastic.. solid screen,.. solid phone. you wont regret it.

  28. They have to record the screen in the dark so that we can see the screen on.

  29. Hi all. I have e6. First 20 months it worked fine, but now it has lots of problems. It turns off a lot. The battery was great, but now i charge it every 20 hour. The phone is not for games and apps. Its bad for internet surfing. The great points are: camera, keyboard and gps.
    For those who want phone not just for texting and calling i would suggest to buy something else.

  30. Ive been using this phone for over a year. Youll love it at first. Then youll think of throwing it away but then youll realize that you spent all your money on this so youre stuck with it for a while.
    The Belle OS update fixes things up a BIT. You cant use apps other Nokia phones are able to use. The OS crashes frequently mainly due to wet fingers. The Camera isnt well protected so after a while your snaps are crap. Its really solid though, you can kill with it. 😛 Just my two cents…

  31. I have it…. its ok… but games suck :/ Android and IOS are better :/

  32. @lante07 I came from a E63 for business use only. I really love the keypad and the 5-way Scrolling (Navi key). Im no fan of a optical track-pad like the E73, so the only options was E6 or E7. Finally I buy the Nokia e6 today. Reason for me: touchscreen/640 x 480 pixels/8 GB storage internal/680 MHz/can play AVI files and 3.5mm jack like E73 but E71 use 2.5mm jack)

  33. The best phone ever!!..but,my nokia e72 is still in a good condition so I wouldnt change..

  34. @dontnou3 the thing is i like phones with the full qwerty keyboard but here in australia there is not many of them. if i get the e6 i was thinking of geting playstation vita

  35. @aamirq ive now been looking at the blackberry bold 9930. I was opposed to BB before, but the touch and qwerty is a cant miss for me. And the BB OS looks a lot smoother than Symbian Anna.

  36. I JUST INSTALL SYMBIAN BELLE ON MY E6, AND ITS FUCKING AWESOME….people update the phone if you didnt yet, couse its much better then ANNA

  37. I have this phone, im using it right now to comment, the phone is ok i guess but i hate the apps, they rlly suck to be honest

  38. lol why the fuck is he balling anti virus on a phone??!! even more its f-secure, oops i mean s-secure …shit-secure

  39. all you need is cable and nokia pc suite… connect nokia in computer and run pc suite, then choose update software..thats it…

  40. @dhaneshoppath hey i asked my friend how to downgrade back to anna and he said that only on nokia service can do it…..

  41. For both of you, if you want candy bar, one piece phone (i.e.: no flip, no slide), think about N79, dont let numbers fool you, its better than N82. If slide is OK, look for N86. But be aware that both by many standards could consider outdated.. but not really bad.

    1. Not any longer. YouTubes APIs no longer work for Symbians devices.

      You could watch on Opera Mobile, but its bad quality.

  42. I like Nokia. But need to catch up with Internet & Multimedia. Nice description, Thanks to the Host.

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