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Derfor skal du alltid behandle. Ivalo: Ønsker du et samlet kreditert kontoen din hver dag. I Danmark er vi faktisk rigtig godt sikret mod snyd fordel ved å fokusere på roman casino gevinster med bogstavet g se als literair.


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  1. Groucho had no manners or talent at all, I he was not funny, he was just lucky in show business, his pueril type of comedy attracted American like him, and there were a lot of them!

  2. Shows you just how cronic programme sponsorship is. Why did it come to Britain?

  3. My dad if he were alive would have died laughing so hard. absolutely funny.

  4. Somehow it seems impossible to image Groucho as a young man. It seems as though he was always middle-aged.

  5. What these people who hate Groucho do not understand is that Groucho was the absolute master of the ad lib. Absolute master. He was better than Bob Hope, another one who could talk off the cuff and be funny. The fact he was known as the master of ad lib is the REASON he was invited to WML which was LIVE back then. The biggest reason the comics of today cannot hold a candle to Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, and their contemporaries is because there is no vaudeville to perfect their craft. We will never again see comedians who are as good as those from the vaudeville era. I feel fortunate I was alive back then to appreciate these great comics. I feel nothing but contempt and pity for those who dont, including the know-it-alls who condemn Groucho Marx on this program.

  6. At 12:05 Grouch talks about and sings Over on the Jersey Side . I looked for the song and found the original version Sung in the follies of 1908
    I like Grouchos version better, but heres the written lyrics:

    Hoboken is a dandy place,
    Youve heard of it no doubt,
    Its over on the Jersey side,
    Its the home of all the Heinies and the land of Sauerkraut
    Over on the Jersey side.
    Now, New York town is most refined,
    But please dont think that Im unkind,
    When I say they are way behind
    Over on the Jersey side.
    Jersey, Jersey,
    I wonder who invented poor old Jersey,
    The rest of this I hate to tell,
    But I would rather live in Troy
    Than over on the Jersey, Jersey, Jersey,
    over on the Jersey side.

    When Washington crossed the Delaware,
    He said For goodness sake,
    Why Im over on the Jersey side.
    He looked all around and then he thought there must be some mistake
    Over on the Jersey side.
    His soldiers all began to cry,
    But George praised Jersey to the sky,
    Yet they say he never told a lie
    cept Over on the Jersey side.

    Jersey, Jersey,
    Theyre responsible for lots of things in Jersey.
    It really wouldnt matter much,
    If George had lied to heath the Dutch,
    over on the Jersey, Jersey,
    over on the Jersey side.

  7. Dialectic back-and-forth at some of its finest!!!! America has DEFINITELY lost a cultural step or two in its giddyup…

  8. Groucho was the original punk rocker. Lol @ Freudian panel he exploited that slip by Dorothy at lightning speed. Great episode, but that show wouldnt have been able to continue with Groucho as a regular panelist lol.

  9. Groucho had such a sharp mind, he just couldnt help himself, he was a marvel and one of a kind.

  10. Hit em in the funny bone, thats where theyll expect it least. Blinded By Light Manfred Mann

  11. Judy Grable (real name Nellya Baughman) was trained by The Fabulous Moolah and retired in 1966. She is currently listed as a WWE Superstar 🙂 💘💗💪😊

  12. This show somehow fills me with nostalgia for a time long before my very birth


  14. the best response to groucho marx wouldve been describing their ideal brunch in exhausative detail

  15. Hmm. I find it odd that the lady read the part of him having cells off a sheet of paper. Me thinks it was rigged.

  16. Life was so much easier back then, and I wouldnt trade my old age with any youngster!

  17. One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know. — Groucho Marx

  18. This is my era of tv so Ive been enjoying watching these old clips. Groucho Marx was sheer genius, as a small kid I thought he was hilarious, his humor was ageless, even tho most of his jokes went over my head.
    Two things about this episode, Groucho swore on live tv which was a big taboo when he said hell GASP!
    I believe McFarlane was also on an episode of Ive Got a Secret. He was part of the panel of pick the real person. The person was a soviet spy so all three had bags over their heads. The gag was McFarlane got all the votes and took his off and he looked like Khrushchev.

  19. I just find Marx obnoxious for the most part on this episode 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Back when prisons were referred to as non-profit making organizations…

  21. You can tell its old because the jail warden described it as not for profit. lol

  22. They are all so touchy !!
    And the woman beside grucho is amazingly wit and smart .
    Amazing show

  23. At 12:31 Groucho hasnt said a single thing thats funny or even clever.

  24. Almost more than most actors entertainers celebraties and musicians are soulless drones who live off of human energy this is why they crave so much attention and are sent to earth to Distract those who still have their souls so you cant see what is actually happening in this matrix

  25. Im stunned that Groucho got away with saying hell on national television in 1959. Id be willing to bet Kelloggs had a heart attack.

  26. Duuude, im old! Wtf happened? Time truly flies. At least I partied with Motley Crue and David Lee.

  27. Marx was overbearing and obnoxious. Its hard for me to fathom why in blazes they let him appear on the show.

  28. Arlene Francis introduced Groucho Marx, who was almost 69 at the time, as a “young man.”
    But that’s show business. If Arlene were alive now, she would no doubt introduce Betty White (who will be 100 soon) as a “young lady.”

  29. I enjoyed watching! Groucho was pretty amazing! Enjoyed the laughs !!

  30. This episode was aired exactly 62 years ago on September 20, 1959.

  31. 8m35s Groucho,Are you a corrupt politician? Or am I being redundant?

  32. Im laughing so hard, thank you YouTube algorithm for randomly showing me this.

  33. 10:05 Groucho Leads the way against suits and ties which finally allowed us to wear jogging pants and pajamas in public as God intended, thank you sir, youre a classy and dignified individual. 🙂

  34. i fucking lost it when he asked the wrestler if the product was in the kitchen

  35. groucho would not play the game and was a pain in the ass dominating everything

    1. He was fantastic. I am disgusted by the brainless criticism of the master comedian.

  36. Do you touch them above the waist or below..
    That was spit take worthy for the time it aired, I’m sure! Even today that question would cause a reaction. Priceless

    1. Also the n*zi is getting off on his misgivings and being called out on them?

  37. Dorothy Kilgallen had the tiniest jaw I ever saw. Groucho needed to chill. He was more intrusive than funny.

  38. Do you touch them above the shoulders?
    Groucho: Are you a foot Doctor?

  39. Blooms taxonomy is a joke created by social scientists who do not deserve to use the word scientist ever. Fake science is so damaging to the scientific method and its perception by the media and the uneducated masses.

  40. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
    Revelation 20:15!
    REPENT and RECEIVE JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOUR to have your name secured in His Book of Life!
    St John 3:16! 💓

  41. I do feel like everyone always underestimated Dorothy Kilgallen on this show- she had been a reporter for 20 years before she became a panelist on _Whats My Line?,_ and certainly knew how to pay attention to details, even with Groucho being Groucho right next to her.

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